A new fitness tracking device has taken the market by storm. Yes, I am talking about the Koretrak fitness tracker. I am a fitness enthusiast myself and an avid user of fitness tracking devices that help me manage my activity levels throughout the day. So, upon hearing all the buzz about Koretrak, I decided to try it out and see if it is really worth all the hype.

What is Koretrak?

A smartwatch, phone and a fitness tracking device, Koretrak is all of this rolled into one. Koretrak can be used as a mobile phone to access your media too. For me, this was one of the main reasons why is decided to give it shot. I am a generally fit person who loves to stay active and moving all day and sometimes, it is really inconvenient to carry my phone around with me. But the phone feature on Koretrak keeps my hands free and helps me concentrate on my workouts, without constantly worrying about my phone.

I was concerned about how Koretrak will perform in comparison with the fitness tracking devices by some of the topmost brands available out there but let me tell you that Koretrak did not disappoint. It is not overloaded with bells and whistles unlike some other fitness tracking devices and that’s where Koretrak Gen 2’s strength lies. It is a simple and user-friendly device that is fairly easy to navigate.

What functionalities does Koretrak offer?

Kofretrak fitness tracker offers all the essential functionalities that you’d need to keep track of your health and fitness.

1. Biometric sensors to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and sleep

An important feature if you are someone who struggles with stress and anxiety. High level of stress can negatively impact your heart rate, sleep, and blood pressure. However, several studies in this area have revealed that staying active for about 15 to 30 minutes each day can significantly lower your stress and anxiety.

With this key functionality, Koretrak can help you keep your vitals in check. Whenever you feel stressed out and can see your vitals going off the chart, try to do things that help you calm down. It can be anything as simple as a quick walk out in the open or a nice and slow stretch.

2. Step counter

The built-in step counter enables you to keep a track of your daily steps. Personally, I try to walk at least 10,000 steps in a day. On some days I reach this goal as early as noon and somedays it so happens that I am unable to reach this goal. But what always helps is keeping a track. So, on days when I feel like I won’t be able to achieve my goal, I go for a quick run during the evening and complete the step count anyway.

3. Tracks distance

This is another great feature to have in your fitness tracking device if you are someone who goes on long distance treks and hikes. It allows you to keep up your pace and also push yourself a little further every time. It also encourages you to walk more and walk often.

4. Calculates calories burned

While getting fit and being healthy are not all about counting your calorific intake, keeping a track of it definitely comes in handy if you are trying to shed some extra kilos. I am not someone who obsessively keeps a track of calories, but sometimes when I need a little extra push to reach my body goals, I do track my calories.

5. Bluetooth technology

Like I said, carrying my phone with me when I go for a run or to the gym is a hassle for me. With Koretrak’s 4.1 Bluetooth technology helps me keep my hands free so that I can workout safely. It is easy to connect with your phone and allows you to access your phone as and when needed without engaging your hands.

6. Instant notifications straight from your device

If you are someone for whom staying connected is extremely important, getting instant notifications from your mobile device is a godsend feature. It keeps you connected so that you don’t miss out on anything and yet focus on your workouts.

7. IP67 rating (waterproof and sweat proof)

Irrespective of whether the sun is out or if its pouring, I don’t miss out on at least half an hour of outdoor workout for anything. The IP67 waterproof and sweatproof rating of Koretrak allows you to workout vigorously, come sunshine or rain.

How does Koretrak work?

Koretrak basically works by keeping a check on your body’s vitals and keeping a count of the steps that you take through the entire day. With its advanced and state of the art technology, Koretrak fitness tracker monitors your movements and enables you to achieve your fitness goals.

I put on my Koretrak as soon as I am up and check for my vitals first thing in the morning. At times I wear it throughout the night as well to monitor my sleep cycle. It helps me understand how my body reacts to certain workout changes or even a new diet. There are lot of things in our day-to-day lives that subtly affect our sleep without us even realizing it. Only by tracking your sleep cycles, you can actually tell how different things impact the quality of your sleep.

How can Koretrak help me?

Koretrak can help you stay on top of your fitness game. Apart from all the advanced functionalities that it has to offer, simply the thought of putting it on and counting my steps throughout the day motivates me to get moving. This simple device helps me keep a track of my fitness goals and allows me to measure my progress. It pushes me to do better!

Several studies have shown that simply putting on a fitness tracker plays a major role in keeping you motivated. It makes you feel responsible and accountable for your own fitness. In the long run, it contributes significantly to your overall health and wellbeing. A simple device like the Koretrak can have a profound impact on your lifestyle choices.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

Yes! Koretrak offers a money back guarantee to all its customers. It allows you to invest in Koretrak without any risk. However, it is advisable to read multiple reviews od this device before you choose to purchase it.


Koretrak is an amazing fitness tracking device for everyone. Even if you do not have high fitness goals to achieve, you can use this device to keep a track of your fitness and overall wellbeing. It’s sleek and super trendy design complements every style. Whether you’re a fitness freak or just getting started on your fitness journey, with Koretrak you can stay on track.